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Pronounced Rei (Ray) ki (kee) is a light laying of hands that can help return us to a balanced functioning on every level-physical,mental,emotional,spiritual,even social-regardless of age or state of health. Reiki brings rapid stress reduction and relief from pain and anxiety. It can be safely practiced in any situation and there are no known medical contraindications.

Reiki can also be practiced from a distance, and with even more profound results than a hands-on session. The same rates apply for these sessions. Because Reiki deals with subtle energy, it can be useful to help balance and cleanse the energy in your work or home environment, your pets, or even a stressful situation. Many people find it useful to employ Reiki when selling or buying a home or when experiencing negativity in the workplace.

For more information check out Pamela Miles’ website and the International Center for Reiki website.

*If you are interested in learning how to practice Reiki yourself, please contact me to inquire about a Level 1,2 or 3 training. They can be done on an individual or group basis.