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Harmonic Light Sessions

The pure color, focused Light Chakra Wand works on the energy centers, or Chakra Centers, of the body to clear negative energy or activate positive energy in a particular area of the body, mind, or spirit. The Pure color wand enhances emotional clearing and spiritual uplifting as well as clearing areas of congestion or weak energy, creating integration and wholeness within ourselves, to accept and integrate all levels of our being.

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Our visual system allows us to perceive the quality of each color because it transmits specific chromatic information to the brain, and each color has distinct qualities. The perception of color is not just a physiological phenomenon, it is also cognitive, and consequently it affects the mind as well as the body.

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A typical harmonic light session lasts anywhere from 20-40 minutes, depending on the given situation. You will lie down in a relaxed position and receive a full spectrum light treatment.

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